Thursday, 3 November 2016

OCC skin conceal R0: First Impressions

Today's post is a little different from things I've written in the past. Since becoming vegan i'm slowly transforming my (small) makeup collection to vegan and cruelty free. When my collection concealer was running out I started to scour the web to try and find a really good vegan and cruelty free concealer that came in very pale shades as every concealer I had used previously was slightly too dark/ orange. I came across the skin conceal by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and saw they did a very pale red toned shade and started trying to find a UK site to order it from, I came across the Beauty Bay where the shade R0 was on offer for £12.40 so I quickly ordered it and it arrived three days later! 

It comes in quite simplistic plastic packaging. The front has the brand name and '100% vegan and cruelty free' written on it, Then the back just has some more information including the shade colour and ingredients. One thing I was happy to see was that this pot has 8.5 grams of product inside, which I think is quite a lot for the price.

I didn't want to get any germs, dirt or fingerprints into the product pot, so I decided I would apply it to the skin with a clean brush. If you do this make sure you clean the brushes regularly, otherwise germs from your face will get dipped back into the concealer!

I applied it under my eyes, on the red areas around my nose, and a little way down my nose also. The consistency of the concealer feels really nice, it's really creamy and doesn't feel oily at all. I didn't use very much of it but I think if you wanted full cover with this it would be easy to do so.

I blended it out with a dampened beauty blender and noticed it blended easily, again probably due to how creamy it is. I checked the ingredients to see which I think might be down to and saw it has a lot of natural ingredients including Castor Oil, Aloe Extract, Cocoa Extract, and Vitamin E so it seems like it would nourish the skin rather than irritate it! 

It seems to match my skin tone beautifully, which is something I've never found in a concealer before. The above photo is the concealer with no foundation or powder; it seemed to cover the redness around my nose really well, and brightened under my eyes quite nicely.

This is some basic make up, again without foundation as I don't need it for every day wear. I used a little bit of loose powder to set the concealer in place and I think it looks pretty good, it doesn't feel heavy on the skin either. When I was taking my makeup off I did notice there was creasing under my eyes - but this was 13 hours after I had put it on so I can't really complain about that. Over all I'm really pleased with this concealer and glad I purchased it! 

Though I'm not a make up artist, if you'd like me to give my opinions on other vegan beauty products let me know 😘😘


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