Thursday, 13 October 2016

Mermaid / Unicorn Split Dye

I recently started to get urges to have beautiful multicoloured pastel hair again, though I was unsure how I wanted to do it. I've had pretty much every pastel colour alone, multiple ombres and split dyes so coming up with something different was a fun task.

I decided I wanted to combine two types of styles that I've had before, my mermaid ombre paired with my unicorn meld - but of course slightly altered. I also figured as my hair is shorter, now would be the perfect time to custom dye the Milk and Blush extensions the team had kindly sent to me!

As usual I used La Riche Directions dyes (Cerise, Plum, Midnight Blue, Lagoon Blue, Alpine Green, Apple Green, Spring Green, and Bright Daffodil) but I mixed the dyes into custom pastel shades using some white conditioner from Tesco (I used theirs as I knew it was definitely cruelty free).

I am absolutely in love with it!! 😍😍😍 
If you want to see how I did this see the video below 👇👇👇



  1. Your hair came out looking gorgeous using that That mermaid ombre / unicorn meld split dye technique! I love how your hair came out, love the YouTube channel and video (liked it and subscribed), love your blog, and love your Twitter too.