Thursday, 27 October 2016

Festivals with Filthy Fox

Earlier this year I was contacted Filthy Fox, which is a website that offers a huge range of festival gear from camping equipment to glow sticks. As I was going to Download Festival this year they asked if I'd like to try out a product from their website, and after a little browse I decided I wanted to test out the X- ray Sleeping Bag Suit.

I  mainly chose this item because of the design, I have a lot of sleeping bags already but the x-ray image on this one really caught my eye and I loved the fact you can wear it; It seemed like the perfect thing to wear once the bands had finished so I would be able to sit under the gazebo at night without freezing to death.

The sleeping bag comes in a fairly basic black stuff sack with an orange drawstring and handle and the easy camp logo printed on the side to match. I've found it quite easy to get the sleeping bag back into the sack which is fab; with some of my other sleeping bags getting them back into their storage bags seems nearly impossible.

It has zipped arm holes and foot area so you can wear it and walk around staying snug. It has a drawstring around the neck so it can be more fitted (and won't fall down), and also a drawstring around the bottom so if you're shorter it won't trip you up. It also has a zip down the front for ease of putting it on/ taking off if the drawstrings are done up tightly.

Unless you're at a very dry festival or you're really tall I don't think you'll be able to walk around with the bottom loose. I tried to tighten the bottom around my legs so it wouldn't drag along the floor - but obviously then I couldn't walk properly! I discovered it worked best to have the bottom pull cords tightened around my waist so I could walk around; but then as the sleeping bag is folded over itself so it came down to just above my knees. 

The quality of the materials feels pretty good, so far I haven't had any troubles with zips getting stuck and the lining on the inside is really soft and felt nice against the skin. The only issue I could find with it was that it has a few loose threads (you can see them in the close up of the top of the sleeping bag), but they can easily be cut off and as it's not a high end product it's not a big deal.

Unfortunately (but not surprisingly) it was another Drownload and I didn't want to get my new sleeping bag caked with mud so I didn't get to wear it outside of my tent, but it did keep me lovely and toasty at night which I honestly wasn't expecting as I had just gotten back from Thailand.

Overall I'm really happy with the sleeping bag and glad I now have this as part of my camping collection, I'll definitely be using it again as it's so cool and toasty. If you're after anything for a festival I'd recommend you check out the website as they have such a huge variety of things I'm sure everyone would find something they'd be interested in 😘😘

X - ray sleeping bag suit provided for review from Filthy Fox. Though this item was received free of charge, this is not a sponsored post, and all opinions are the author’s own.

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  1. I love your GIF dance in the X-ray Sleeping Bag Suit it's fabulous! I did visit the Filthy Fox website and peeked at their variety of festival essentials. It's nice that the X-ray Sleeping Bag Suit kept you toasty. Here's hoping your future festivals and camping excursions are dry. Love the x-ray print.