Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Lush Hair Extensions Review

As you may already know I have very long hair, but often I find myself saddened with it's natural state; it's very thin and fine and doesn't tend to hold styles very well because of this. I used to use extensions a few years back when my hair was short from extreme damage, but I hadn't really thought too much about using them just for volume/thickness. 

In January I was in contact with Anna from Lush Hair Extensions, I described how my hair currently was and what I'd want to get out of a set of extensions and she was very helpful. I sent her a photo of how my hair was at that time and she suggested I try out the 24" Clip In Human Hair Extensions Ultimate Full Head Set in #90 (Platinum Blonde) which they then very kindly sent out to me for review purposes. 

I'd like to add their delivery is absolutely fantastic! They currently offer free next day delivery on all UK orders placed Monday - Friday before 3PM, but orders after that may take a little bit longer.
They also do a free colour matching service to make sure you get the best set suited to you! I think it's a good idea to do this even if you think you know which set you're going to go for. I noticed the photo  of the colour #90 (Platinum blonde) looked a lot more white/silver on the website than the set I received.

When the extensions arrived they came in a big pink parcel with 'Lush Hair Extensions' logo taped over it, upon unwrapping there was a long cardboard box inside, then within the box was the plastic packaging with the hair inside. So a lot of packaging! But at least you know they're packaged well and shouldn't get damaged on the shipment out to you.

As I previously mentioned, when I first opened up the extensions I noticed the colour wasn't exactly how it looked on the website; but it didn't bother me too much as I was custom dyeing them anyway!
Some extensions I've used in the past have had much darker strands added into the platinum sets (I imagine to fill the set out more), so I like to carefully look through new sets to check the consistency of the colour; and I'm happy to say in this set all the strands were practically the same shade!

My hair without extensions

I noticed the clips had a silicone strip on the inside of them, which I think is a fantastic idea. It keeps the clips in place all day and negates the need to back comb at the roots, HURRAY! As for the quality of the hair they felt super soft and didn't appear to have much coating on them! After washing them several times they still feel just as smooth and soft as when I first received them.

I haven't noticed very much shedding with these extensions although, I am quite gentle with them; so if you have a heavy hand and wash/style them roughly you might notice more hairs come out. As far as custom dyeing them goes the colours took incredibly well (more so than my actual hair), so I think having my hair curled makes the difference in brightness less obvious (as you may see below).

My hair with the extensions

Overall I am absolutely thrilled with these extensions and would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting some. 

24" ULTIMATE FULL HEAD Hair Extensions provided for review by Lush Hair Extensions. Though these items were received free of charge, this is not a sponsored post, and all opinions are the author’s own.

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