Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Deep Sunset Ombre Hair

The universe fascinates me. I often find myself staring like a hopelessly curious toddler; in awe of nature, photographs, and all the small things we take for granted. Inspiration can be drawn from every particle of our existence.

I came across this stunning photograph here, but unfortunately couldn't see a photographer to credit.

For a while I've been wanting to shy away from pastel hair but didn't want a bright block colour (as I'm sure I've had them all before). I'd been thinking perhaps a red as the main focus considering the last time I had red hair I was 15! As soon as I found this photograph I knew exactly what my next hair endeavour would be. 

I wanted mostly deep red and orange but with a flash of purple at the roots. I selected the colours Plum, Poppy Red, Mandarin, and Bright Daffodil from La Riche Directions. I also was sent some lovely extensions from Lush Hair Extensions to dye (which I will be reviewing very soon).

I love how it turned out and how much thicker the extensions make my hair look! If you're interested in seeing exactly how I achieved this look then click through to my tutorial on YouTube!


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