Friday, 4 July 2014

Where on earth has Rachael Elizabeth been?! | Update

Hey everyone! So I thought I'd write a quick blog post to let you know I'M NOT DEAD! The last time I posted was nearly two months ago and my last YouTube video was uploaded nearly a month ago, so I have been rather inactive!

Firstly my mental health has been pretty shitty and I haven't really felt motivated to do anything, and most of the time I felt I didn't really have much to say. Then to make things feel even worse my Uncle died and I was heartbroken, I didn't really know him very well but the weeks coming up to his death I was talking to my Dad about how we should have afternoon tea or go out for lunch with his side of the family as I want to get to know them, but now it's too late for me to know my Uncle Mike.  

It was also my birthday last week (June 26th) and I have just turned 19, which feels reallllly strange by the way. On the morning of my birthday I had my Grade 7 RAD ballet exam, which I think went well - even though I did two things wrong I've never done before ARGH! Then afterwards I went into Stafford with my sister to do some shopping with the money I got for my birthday, and on the evening of my birthday my parents and most of my siblings and their partners came down to celebrate with an Indian meal and I drank ALL THE WINE. My boyfriend also came back from Germany to see me which was nice, I wanted to spend most of the time with him while I could - but he's gone back now. There's only 5 more weeks before he's back in the UK for good which I absolutely cannot wait for; this past year has sucked with us not being together.

On the Saturday after my birthday I had a mythical creatures birthday party where I dressed up as a high elf like Galadriel (LoTR). I was planning on making a GRWM video but ended up being completely rushed and didn't have the time to; which was super disappointing. 

At the moment I'm stressing over my modern dance exam, which I'm number one for and have no clue what I'm doing. It's next Sunday (the 13th) and I've had to miss my drama rehearsals to practice for it which sucks because I love my drama babies. Other than that I've been trying to get in touch with a promotional/ entertainment employer who I've worked for many times in the past - but he's awful at responding. I'm really hoping to do some fun Summer holiday work before I have to go off to University. 

I think I'm going to do a birthday haul of all the presents and things I bought with birthday money as I got some lovely things and thought you guys might want to be nosey like I love to be! I'm sorry if this has been really all over the place but i'm trying not to ramble on for 100 pages, but, anyway, I feel like I'm coming up a little bit so I'll hopefully feel good to film and post a little bit more for you guys over the next few weeks.

Rachael Elizabeth

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