Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Spring/ Summer Lookbook | 2014

So Winter has left England, but as usual the weather hasn't been very steady; torrential rain turns into blaring sunshine and visa versa. The majority of the time when I'm free it's been awful so I've been trying to finish this for so long! But winter has definitely gone I thought I'd show you guys the types of outfits I've been wearing throughout springtime. You may see a reoccurring theme of; pretty pastels and florals, but then a badass twist. This seems to be how I like dressing recently.

Outfit one

This outfit makes me feel like a METAL HIPPY! I don't have a clue if that makes sense to anyone but I really like it. My tshirt and jewelry are both of an alternative style with lots of crosses and skulls, but then my headscarf, and oversized cardigan are very hippy- esque and my shoes and bra are mega cute too. I don't seem to be able to stick with one style. I think I could've done with wearing some tights or stockings with this outfit as well as after I finished shooting this my legs felt freeeeeezing.

Tshirt - TBDM band shirt
Basic denim shorts - Primark
Cardigan - Homemade by my Mother ♥
Shoes - Iron Fist
Double knuckle cross ring - Primark
Other jewelry items were gifts.

Outfit two

For this outfit I had been a little bit inspired by a Burberry spread in the March edition of Elle, one model was wearing a baby blue lace dress with a mint green jacket, and I absolutely love pastels so my brain screamed "ON IT."
I'm wearing the black floral crop top because it is Springtime, and what's an outfit without flowers?! Then I have my Coltrane dupes and a big chunky chain on to give the overall look a little more edge.

Blue jumper - 'Tally Weijl' (from Germany)
Mint Green Pencil Skirt- Unknown
Crop top - New Look
Frilly socks - Primark
Silver Chain - Primark
Rose Ring - Primark
Coltrane Dupes - Ebay

Outfit three

I feel this look is very comfy and chilled out but still looks very cute. Again the outfit is very pastelly and floral but the twist is pulled in with the jagged skeleton hand crop top and little skull ring, and I also feel that the style of my shoes with the floral pattern fits in very well with the overall look. I actually chalked the ends of my hair a peachy pink to match my cardigan and flower crown but I don't think you can tell!

Cardigan - Primark (I got a HUGE size)
Crop top - DIY
High waisted jeans -Primark
Floral head crown - Primark
Jewelry - Gifts
Dr Marten floral denim 1461's.

Outfit four

The baggyness of the tunic dress with the Dr Martens definitely brings out a slouchy thrown on look for Spring, but still stays relatively feminine with the beautiful mint green colour and added mystical jewelry. To add to the care free look I waved all my hair and mussed it up a little bit, and I absolutely love my hair styled like this.

Tunic Ophelia Dress - Ark
Black Tights - Primark
Leather Jacket - Ebay
Silver Chain - Primark
Triangle Necklace - Ebay
Green Amethyst Necklace - Ebay
Dr Marten Black 1460's


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