Thursday, 19 December 2013

Lipcote | Trial and Review!

Recently while I was pondering in Superdrug I came across a certain product "Lipcote" which I had heard of many times before but not really thought too much of. For those of you who don't know Lipcote is a lipstick sealer that you apply over the top of your lipstick to prevent smudging and fading. It didn't take a lot of thought before I picked it up in the store as it was only £3.69 I didn't have much to lose!

The packaging the product comes in is fairly simplistic. Over all cream in colour with a pastel green pattern running all over it. The front sports the product name 'lipcote', a few brand sayings, a british stamp and two sets of lips, there's also a small cutout in the front so you can see part of the product bottle. The back has the same pattern with all the ingrediants, information, and instructions on how to use the product.

The scent of  the product is not the nicest. On the back of the packaging it says 'New Vanilla Fragrance' which being honest it didn't smell at all vanilla-ry, it just smelt very alcoholic and unpleasant - but still bearable.

Upon applying it over my lips I felt a very tingly/ stinging sensation on my lips but as it dried this feeling went away. It wasn't the best feeling for me but it wasn't horrible either. - If this feeling persists after a few minutes I'd suggest you take it off immeditely and don't continue using it as you may be allergic.

I decided to apply it over a very fierce red lipstick (Rimmel Mayfair Red Lady) so I could capture how well it stays throughout the day.

After 6 hours
At around 6PM I did a check up on the look of the lipstick. By this time I had had many cups of tea, juice, and water and had also eaten warm wheetabix and lots of sweeties and chocolate (ooops! teehee). Over all it looked pretty good! The only imperfections being on the top lip near the corners of my mouth. Here is a picture I took at this time.

After 12+ hours
I checked over my lipstick again at PAST 01:30 because I was a bad Rachael and went to Whetherspoons. Though, this did make the trial better as I wasn't being careful. I had a lot of drinking including very strong alcoholic shots that I would've expected to ruin my lipstick but it still stayed looking acceptable. I had also eaten a huge cheeseburger and chips which would normally result in me having lipstick smudges all over my face but I didn't! SUCCESS!

In conclusion I think this product is absolutely brilliant! I was actually very surprised with how well the lipstick stayed thorughout the course of the approximate 14 hours. For the price this is an absolute must for any lipstick wearer!
I'm just happy I don't have to worry about burger lipstick smudge anymore <3
(Please say it's not just me...)


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