Monday, 7 October 2013

Pretty as a Princess in Curvy Kate

I have been eyeing up Curvy Kates 'Princess Bra' for quite a few months now. Every time I saw it I'd click onto it and admire how beautiful it looked on the models, thinking it wouldn't sit well on me I kept putting off purchasing it... Until now!
I ordered it in the Teal/Blush colour in a 28G. The teal colour is absolutely gorgeous and the detailing on the bra is so pretty! The sheer cups, the textured polkadots, the lacey rose detailing on the top of the cups and straps, and the the pink ribbon brings it all together! Arghhh it's just so cute!

I assumed it'd be fairly pointy or droopy (which is how I usually think of unpadded bras!), but it seems to give me quite a nice rounded shape which I wasn't expecting. I do have a bit of empty space on the outside of the cups (as I do with most bras) because the wiring is too wide for my breasts, but that isn't a huge problem.
I find that Curvy Kate bands are very stretchy, and this bra isn't an exception. It feels fairly firm at the moment, though I know that will soon change -  especially considering I should really have 26" bands (which CK don't offer but their designs are lovely!).
Laid flat the band measures around 22 1/2" and the stretched measurement I took was 29" which isn't the best for a new 28" band, though I could always tamper with the band to make it firmer and last longer for me!


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