Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Iron Fist Haul!

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing on the web and it came to my attention that Iron Fist were having a sale. Now, if you knew me you'd know of my love for shoes and specifically my love for Iron Fists designs so naturally I went onto their website to have a gander and these items are what I ended up purchasing!

As soon as this huge box arrived I knew it had to be my Iron Fist order! Opening it was just SO exciting!

Firstly I got the "Kiss of Death Top" in black in an XS.
Can't find the RRP price but I got it for £6.75!
I found this design to be oddly sweet, whilst maintaining badass-ery. The image printed on the front is a heart shape with two skeletons kissing inside of it. For some reason I imagine it to be a wedding day photo as the male skeleton is wearing a top hat which is probably why I think it's cute! 

The cut of the top is quite interesting, there is almost no back to this top with there just being a small joining near the bottom which slightly resembles a bow shape. Though the cut looks good I do have an issue as the top isn't tight fitting it can easily fall off both of my shoulders revealing my breasticles! But I found it easy enough to safety pin it to my bra straps to keep it from falling down.
I then got the "Black Sheep Peep Toe Flat" in Nude in a 6UK.
RRP £39.99 - I got them for £10

I think these aren't the most practical shoes to be buying right now as it is coming into Autumn, but I seem to wear dolly shoes a lot and I could always wear them with tights to try and keep my tootsies warm. I find the detailing on Iron Fist products to be brilliant and really well thought out. These are, as they say - a nude peep toe shoe covered with a sheep and flower print and they also have a black embossed bow towards the front of the shoe. Even the inner lining is a lovely coral and white polka dot/skull print and the sole is embossed with lots of skulls and the Iron Fist logo.

I also purchased the "Scary Prarie Heel" in Turquoise in a 5UK.
(I find 6's in heels to usually be too big)
RRP £59.99 - I got them for £15

I think these shoes are just gorgeous. They're mainly turquoise with small white polka dot print all over them, but then they have red roses printed on as well with some of them having little skulls in the centre. Turquoise is one of my favourite colours and the style of these shoes seem strangely retro, I can imagine pairing them beautifully with a white swing dress and some red/turquoise accessories!

Another Pair I purchased was the"Maneater Wedge" in Nude. 5UK.
RRP £94.99 - I got them for £23.75

I was debating for quite awhile whether to get these in Black or Nude and ended up going for nude as I realised I have absolutely no nude heels, I have plenty of black and other patterns and colours but oddly - no nude. When I opened up these I was so pleased! These are super pretty and the detailing is so perfect. They are lace up wedges and are obviously nude and embossed allover with sugar skulls, they have three rows of gold studs on (up the back, and on each side), and even have another sugar skull printed on the sole of the shoe too.

Finally I got the "Scary Prarie Bootie" in Yellow. 5UK
RRP £109.99 - I got them for £27.50

I was very indecisive on whether I should get these because I do really like them, though, I don't wear yellow much and don't know how I could style them. These platform booties are lace up are the exact same pattern as the turquoise "Scary Prarie Heel" I purchased but just a different colour scheme, these are yellow with white polka dots and instead of red roses they have purpley-pink roses, again they have the occasional skull print on the inside of the rose, the sole of the shoe is black and covered with little white hearts.

Sorry I couldn't comment on comfort or show you how they look on; I've had a cast on my foot due to a 1st metatarsal fracture but I will show you as soon as I can!
I think the sale is still on so if you love anything like I do I suggest you get yo bootay over there quick!


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