Thursday, 30 May 2013

Removing/ lightening hair dye with vitamin C!

A few weeks ago I decided to dye my hair 'my little pony'-esque (pastel pink with a few streaks of other pastel colours in it) as a spur of the moment thing. I haven't had my hair any shade of pink in about two years and I was surprised as I really loved it! The pink was much paler than any shade I'd had before - so obviously it faded out very quickly.

Considering how happy I was with the initial dye I was quick to touch up my hair when it had started to fade out. While I was mixing the dye I accidentally put too much pink in with the conditioner but thought to myself, ah well! It won't come out too bad! - How wrong I was.

The colour my hair came out was an extremely bright pink, similar to what I had had years ago. I thought perhaps I don't like it because I haven't had dark hair (in comparison to my skin tone) in quite a while, so I thought I might just let it fade out... But after waking up to it the next morning I decided I just did not like it.

I grabbed my handy products and started to mix up my home made hair stripper. To make this you will need: Shampoo, a mixing bowl, any kind of vitamin C tablets/ powder, water (optional), and washing up liquid (optional).

How I made my mixture: I put four of the vitamin C tablets in my mixing bowl and broke them up a tiny bit, I then added the tiniest amount of water and left them to dissolve (Mine were the dissolvable kind, if you have the regular tablets just put them in a bag and smash them up with a hammer or try using a pestle and mortar). I then came back to it when they were dissolved and started to mix in shampoo until I had enough to cover my whole head.


I applied the mixture to my hair, leaving it on for between 30-45 minutes. The pigment did seem to bleed out from my hair quite quickly while the mixture was on. After rinsing it off I could see a difference in the colour of my hair already. I decided to repeat the process twice because the initial colour was quite dark so I thought I had best get rid of as much of the pigment as possible to get it down to a more pastel tone. After rinsing the final time here were my results: 

I am very happy with how much pigment the vitamin C mixture pulled out of my hair. The colour is still darker than the last dye but is still a beautiful pale pink colour! 

(If you use this method make sure you deep condition your hair afterwards as this can be very drying to your hair!)

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